June 7, 2007 - New Security R&D Center In Cooperation Between the KÜRT Co, the Pannon University and the Alacera International

TSEC Institute – Hungary: international R&D cooperation, Hungarian university backing

June 7, 2007, Budapest – Under the name of TSEC Institute – Hungary a new security R&D center will be created by the KÜRT Co., the Pannon University and Alacera International. TSEC Institute will be funded by domestic and international investment capital. The purpose of the joint venture is to bring together world leading experts in one center from the private sector and the academia to work on advanced security technoloies and system solutions, applications and methodologies in all aspects of converged security protection. The agreement on the formation of TSEC Institute – Hungary was signed by the three founding partners. The Institute will begin its operation in the first half of 2008.

Security protection and security technologies have become the center of global attention since the 2001 - 9/11 events in the USA. Security protection has physical, human, administrative and information oriented components. Leaders of this field from Hungary together with Alacera International signed a long-standing R&D cooperative agreement.

The Pannon University IT Faculty located in the historic city of Veszprem in Western Hungary, has been conducting IT security oriented research for several years. KÜRT Co. is the recognized Hungarian leader in data security in Hungary and more broadly Europe. They have 17 years of demonstrated experience in the international IT security field. The IT security R&D efforts between KURT and Pannon University under the Hungarian Governmnet sponsored „futureIT” research program attracted the attention of Alacera International. After a year joint preparatory discussion between KURT, Pannon University and Alacera, the concept of the TSEC Intsitute – Hungary has been created. The Institute will be physically located at the Pannon University Faculty of IT.

The purpose of the international collaborative effort is to address complex converged security protection research and advanced development in the fields of micro and macro urban security protection, enterprise phsyical security protection, specialized security protection of facilities (e.g., airports, maritime, transportation infrastructures, pipelines, government agencies.) The financial basis for the R&D center will be established by Hungarian and international funds. Expected investors will be from both the private and public sectors. The TSEC Institute – Hungary is expected to become a European Center of Excellence in the field of converged security protection leading to the incubation of several new companies in Hungary, obtaining European Union R&D funds and generating the blue–print for other TSEC Institutes in other target markets (e.g., Middle-East, North Africa, and USA).

„Our purpose is to share our intellectual properties and best minds from the three organizations such that the Center will become an internationally recognized center for converged security protection R&D. It is our belief that the Institute will produce solutions in the coming years that will meet world requirements in homeland / phsyical/ personnel / administrative and IT security”. – said Dr. Sándor Kürti, chairman of KÜRT Co.

Mr. Arpad G. Toth, American-Hungarian chairman and CEO of Alacera International commented that „this is a unique joint venture of American, Middle-Eastern and Hungarian private sector and academic institutions. This Center will be a model for the integration of international know-how in the security field. The result will be applied in the global security market.” According to the expectation of Chairman Toth, the TSEC Institute – Hungary will serve as a „blue-print” for the creation of additonal TSEC Institutes in the USA, Middle-East and North Africa.

According to Dr. Friedler Ferenc professor, and dean of the Faculty of IT at the Pannon University „ the formation of the Center on the grounds of the Pannon University is a recognition of the fact that the ongoing research in security will be a solid foundation for more complex joint industry – university R&D programs o teh international level. The opportunity will exist to porfessors and graduate students to conduct research in areas that will be implemented in markets where the requirements for converged security protection is very high (e.g., Middle East, North Africa and the USA). The research staff including professors and students will aslo have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs with cooperating universities in the USA, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, etc.

The detailed business plan of the TSEC Institute – Hungary – will be prepared by late 2007 followed by the opening of the center in early 2008.


Ferenc Fiedler, Dr Sandor Kurti, Arpad Toth, Tom Kurti


KÜRT Zrt. (
The company was formed if 1989 and has become the Hungarian industry leader in data security. KURT’s unparalleled growth in the past 17 years resulted in several international and national awards and steady market recognition in Europe and Asia. The company has subsidiary organizations in  Germany, Austria and UAE.

Alacera (
Alacera International services and solutions focus on complex macro and micro urban security protection, specialized security protection solutions. The firm is a pioneer of the converged security protection field.

Alacera target markets include the Middle-East, North Africa, Central-Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. Alacera is committed to „Protecting the Global Homeland”.

The company has offices in Virginia - USA, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt. Shotrly, Alacera expects to open its offices in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and European countries.

Pannon Egyetem Műszaki Informatikai Kar (
The university is located in the heart of Western Hungary, Veszprem, an hour from Budapest and 1.5 hours from Vienna Austria. The university is a center for higher education of 15,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Pannon University is involved in multiple advanced research programs in relation to IT security.

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