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Dental  Education  In  Hungary  And  The  Current  Position  Of  Dentists

This summary is intended to provide a snapshot of Hungarian dental education and the current position of dentists in Hungary today. In addition to a general assessment, this paper also includes an account of my personal experience gathered over the past 25 years, both as a university instructor and a practising private dentist... details >>

AHEC member Stephen O' Connor's speech at an annual conference in Brussels (2008)

AHEC member Stephen O' Connor gave a speach at an annual conference in Brussels prior to the 3rd annual Capitalist Ball. The Ball was co-hosted by The Stockholm Network and the Center for New Europe (CNE).  The Stockholm network is a London based umbrella organization for all free-market think tanks from Ireland to Russia. (theres quite a few actually maybe as high as 75+. The MD is Ms Helen Disney. A sharp woman and former Economist journalist. Tim Evans is the MD of CNE, Brussels’s first Conservative think tank founded only about 7 years ago?! Tim describes himself as a Narco - Capitalist! This year we honored Ayn Rand and her portrait was all over the place. About 400+ people attended this invitation only event... details >>



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