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About the community

AHEC is a growing network of business people interested in Hungary and generating business opportunities for each other all over the World.

Mission Statement

AHEC exists to foster closer business ties among Americans of Hungarian ethnicity, through programs to bring them into contact with each other, and with other Hungarians and business executives everywhere. AHEC seeks to mutually advance and strengthen American-Hungarian business relationships.

Origins of AHEC

Michael R. GeroeAHEC started in 2000 by Mike Geroe, as a social lunch club for Hungarian–American professionals in the Washington D.C. region.  The group grew quickly to include not just the founders of AHEC: Michael Geroe, Laszlo Horvath and Arpad Toth, but others throughout the USA, Hungary and elsewhere. 

AHEC undertook an ambitious early program inspired by Arpad Toth, to develop a joint American-Hungarian technology incubator. It established a framework for developing further contacts and galvanized us into a longer-term, joint American–Hungarian technology-oriented project planning and development entity.

A common interest in Hungarian culture resulted in friendships and close business relationships among the founders and early members of AHEC, which included numerous American and Hungarian high technology executives.
After producing our first Business Plan for AHEC in 2003, we attracted the attention of American and Hungarian political, technical and business leaders. Following a series of protocol events in the USA and Hungary, a meeting was held in Virginia with participation by then Hungarian Prime Minister Medgyesi, under the sponsorship of the Hungarian Embassy in Washington D.C.  AHEC’s initiatives thereafter took off in various formats and mutual efforts were undertaken between American and Hungarian executives to create co-development programs. 

Horvath Laszlo, through his company Active Media, sponsored and hosted AHEC’s website, spearheading many meetings in Hungary. Michael Geroe has become the executive for developing and sponsoring corporate and government communications and hosted meetings in Washington D.C.  Arpad Toth launched his business venture, Alacera International, which developed Smart Cities of the future, targeting the Middle East market. He built an international consortium, Integuard, with participation by Lockheed Martin, Cisco Systems and 12 other high tech firms from the USA, France, and Hungary. The plans included international cooperation and transfer of know-how, and provisioning of highly skilled professional labor to selected Middle Eastern countries, including UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. 

Board Members Laszlo Horvath, Michael Geroe and Arpad Toth invite you to join AHEC, which is a cooperative marketplace for US and Hungarian business ideas and initiatives.

AHEC Member Benefits

A number of AHEC members offer discount programs through AHEC. Sometimes it is in an effort to test a program under consideration for a later public roll-out, other times it is simply the extension of professional courtesy. The number of programs open to AHEC members is subject to change. Programs, described by category, include or have included the following:

Business Development and Professional Services

  • Market research
  • Non-legal intellectual property related mentoring
  • Export-import mentoring
  • R&D grant writing (US and EU)
  • Outsourcing services
  • Technology review
  • Business mentoring
  • Market introduction
  • Strategic consulting
  • Relocation
  • Office space
  • Commercial real estate
  • Translation services (English–Hungarian and all other languages)
  • Data safety review
  • Data recovery

Marketing Services

  • Marketing communication review
  • Marketing consulting
  • Online advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Marketing print and electronic media advertising

Legal Services

Provision of legal counsel on general corporate and immigration matters.

Retail Offers

Hungarian wine sold at wholesale prices and Hungarian pastry

Sister Organizations

Companies and Organizations we cooperate with

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