Alexander Erdélyi

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Sándor Alexander Erdélyi was born in 1934 in Budapest, Hungary. He studied at a prestigious separate school (Budapesti Lónyay Utcai Református Gimnázium), but the Communist government denied him a university education.

His early freelance writing career was aborted by government censors. He escaped Hungary in 1956 with his wife and child and settled in Canada.

After almost thirty years of salaried work and business ownership, Erdélyi resumed writing, producing op-eds, interviews, and analytical reports for the Canadian government. In retirement, he wrote short stories before embarking on his first full-length book: 

PEACE, WAR and the AFTERMATH. His second book, YUKON , The land of the Midnight Sun and his third book:WALK 20 MILES IN MY MOCCASINS

He is currently working on several writing projects.