Czézár Csongor

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Czezar Csongor was born and raised in Mc-Ciuc, Transylvania . He was studying biology at the Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca . He is an amateur computer hardware geek and an amateur artist as well. He has pencil drawings and aqua color paintings. Csongor speaks fluent Hungarian, Romanian, and English. Since the year 2000 he has established several businesses. Starting with 2006 he is living in San Francisco , California . In the last couple of years he tried to chisel his English and to get to know the West Coast way of lifestyle. He has worked in the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental San Francisco also, for a few years.


Now he feels he is ready to start some more challenging activities, like co operations, jobs, that for example require frequent traveling between the USA and Hungary / Romania , or even further. Csongor is open to any different kind of opportunities, offers.


Business Experience


2004 � 2006

Designed, built and managed my Western style bar/ club/ restaurant �Texas-Club� in Cluj-Napoca .Market research, market data assessment and analysis, contact keeping with clients.


2002 � 2004

Designed and managed the Webhouse � Internet Coffeehouse in Cluj-Napoca .Assuring the highest guest satisfaction and realization of the marketing program.


2002 � 2003

Partnership in a German wood-export business. Negotiation and cooperation with timber extraction companies.


2000 � 2004

In this period I had various businesses, ranging from car-import and sale, import of ostriches, operating casino slot machines, etc.

Keep in touch with the clients, participation in different programs for the aim of relationship building.


Biology related Experience


2008 - The effects of different herbicides to the life parameters of the sweet water algae species (DCMU, Paraquat and Glufosinate effects on Scenedesmus algae)


2002 - Agricultural entomology, biodiversity field project (work with Arthropods, excluding spiders)


2001 - Aquaristic researches (the effects of water chemistry on livebearer fishes)


2000 - 2003 - Biodiversity project � Tipulidae � Romania (one new species discovered for the science, and several new species found for the fauna of Romania )




2000 - 2005


University of Cluj-Napoca � Babes-Bolyai�, Biology , Romania

(Bachelor degree, 2005)


1996 - 2000

Bio- Chemistry High School �Marton Aron�, Romania

(Bio-Chemistry, 2000)


Czezar Csongor

1140 Sutter Street 

San Francisco , CA 94109 


[email protected]