Dr. Papp Ildikó

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Dr. PAPP, Ildikó is an internationally recognized expert in facial aesthetics. She attended the best US universities including Harvard or the University of Minnesota. She worked for several years in dermatology and aesthetics in the US. Dr. Papp is an international trainer and lecturer in facial aesthetic. She continuously searches for new trends and latest technologies in minimally invasive procedures to provide the best treatments and results for the patients.


Dr.Papp founded Boulevard Medical Center (Körúti Orvosi Centrum) in 2007, the clinic is in Budapest, near the Nyugati railway station. The centrum offers a wide range of esthetic procedures and treatments from cosmetics to plastic surgery. BMC is equipped with the latest technology and professional staff to meet the highest expectations of our patients. Dr. Papp's aim was to establish a medical center, where you can have treatments and tests from your toe to your hair. The clinic has many prominent patients, most Hungarian celebrities are attending the clinic as well as Eva Mendez.