John Czingula

Featured Member

CEO Univer Foods USA


John Czingula is living the American dream. Arriving in the United States in 1957 as a refugee from the Hungarian Revolution, John received a full scholarship to Wabash College in Indiana . After concluding his studies at Wabash , John moved to Los Angles and pursued a successful acting career playing roles on screen and stage. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to many successful business ventures, chief among them as a founder of a thriving solar energy company that has received international recognition for its pioneering work producing more efficient energy delivery systems then previously achieved. However successful he has been in real estate, construction and renewable energy, John's true passion is food. In 2004, he acquired the exclusive rights to distribute the Univer brand label in the United States . A household name in Europe for decades, this Hungarian company uses natural, concentrated food products to enhance and elevate ordinary dishes to gourmet quality easily and inexpensively. From his home in Denver , John enjoys the recreational benefits of the Rocky Mountain lifestyle, including skiing, boating and hiking. Off the slopes, John supports charitable causes and remains committed to reducing his adopted country's dependence on foreign energy sources.