László Z. Karvalics

Featured Member

Founding Director: Information Society Research Institute

Associate Professor: Department of Information and Knowledge Management, 

Technical University Budapest

Education, qualification:

2005 Habilitation (ELTE) 

1995 Doctor of Philosophy (History)

1990 University Doctor 

1986-1989 Postgraduate scholar of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (research on dissemination of scientific knowledge, cultural policy and Hungarian press-and media history)

1986 Honours Certificate - Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) 

1981-1986 ELTE Faculty of Arts - history and literature

University work:

2005 Head, Dept. of Information and Knowledge Management

1998 Director, Information Society and Trend Research Institute

1998 Associate Professor, Dept. of Information and Knowledge Management

1996 Associate Professor, Dept. of Information Engineering, Technical University, Budapest (BME), Deputy Head of Department

1992- Assistant professor, Deputy Head of Department

1991- Assistant professor, Dept. of Political Sciences Technical University Budapest, Deputy Head of Department

1989- First Assistant Dept. of Political Sciences Technical University Budapest

Current subjects, lectures:

Internet-culture, Internet-policy

Digital economy, e-commerce

Introduction to social aspects of information technology (BME)

Information Society, Information Strategies (BME)

Media informatics (BME)

Information History (ELTE)

Information Communities (GDMIF High-School)


World religions and civilizations 

Political history of Hungary after the Second World War 

Chapters from the history of propaganda in the 20.-th century

Media and politics (1944-1948) (guest teacher at ELTE)

Introduction to political sciences (guest teacher at BKE - Budapest University of Economics)

Current Research activity:


Internet-economy, Internet-policy


Social theory of Information

Information and Education, the pedagogy of Internet 

Historical and political aspests of the "Information Society"

Information strategies, national information superhighway activities

Information strategies in South-East Asia

Information history / Cultural history of information systems

Knowledge technologies, social sciences

Awards, research support, grants:

2004 State Honour for the "internationally recognized research of information society"

2002 "For the Hungarian Informatics" Medal of the Minister of IT and Telecommunication 

1999 Széchenyi Scholarship

1999 Outstanding lecturer of the Faculty

1996-97 Information society, national information strategies (Soros Foundation)

1996-97 Comparative analysis of national information strategies (MATÁV for Scientific Research and Higher Education)

1995-1997 The conceptual-theoretical foundation of Information History(OTKA)

1995 The "informatics" in the elementary schools (survey) (OTKA)

1994-1995 The basic elements of Information History (AMFK)


2004- Member of the National IT and Telecommunication Council, Hungary

2001- IFIP T9 national coordinator

2001- Member of the Hungarian Information Society Strategy Advisory Team 

1999- Senior advisor Sunspot Web-Works

1998- Senior advisor Carnation Strategic Internet Consulting

1997-1998 Expert, School-Net project Communication Committee 

(Ministry of Culture and Education)

1997- Member of the Advisory Board

(Steering Committee of Informatics and Communication, Hungary)

1997 Advisor (Info-Park Rt.)

1996- Advisor, special envoy Prime Minister's Office 

(Information Strategies in South-East Asia)

1995- Member of the "National Information Strategy" team

1994- membre - "Centre de coordination pour la Recherche et l Enseignement en Informatique et Societé" (CREIS)


English fluent

French relatively good

Russian relatively good

Main books in Hungarian:

Introduction to Information History Gondolat, 2004 1-220

Information, Society, History Typotext, 2003 pp 1-224

Searching for the Information Society Aula Kiadó, 2002 pp 1-192

Toothpick on the Net - Writings on the Internet Prim Kiadó, 2000 pp.1-286.

Malaysia - Towards the Information Society Kossuth Kiadó, Bp. 1997 pp.1-86. 

Information Society Muegyetemi Kiadó, Bp. 1995 pp.1-120.

Publications in English

The Information Society Race

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teaching and understanding informatics beyond computer technology

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