Manna Habenczius

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Manna Habenczius

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Designing interiors since 2001. Now located in Budapest, after living and studying in New York for 7 years. I studied in universities and colleges in Budapest (ELTE TTK), New York (Parsons School of Design), correspondent courses in interior design at Rhodec International, London.


I am able to draft and present a complete and comprehensive presentation no matter what the project. I would say that my greatest strengths are scale, color coordination and client interaction.


I design timeless rooms and elements without obvious references to trends. I blend diverse elements from periods and styles to create warm and inviting interiors. It is very important to me that the final result not reflect the trendy. A sense of beauty and stillness is crucial to me. I believe the first function of decoration is to make itself invisible, reflecting the taste and above all, the lifestyle of the client.


In my design firm H.A.L. studio we offer full service design, specializing in residential and commercial projects.


We are happy to work on projects of any size from a major development to an individual room, and design and fabricate custom-made furniture.


We have experience of working on listed buildings and will handle every aspect of a job from the initial planning stages (handling planning applications and building regulation submissions) to design development, tender, and contract administration through to specifying and fitting soft furnishings and arranging furniture deliveries.




Recent projects have included, a pub, a real estate agency, and several apartments.


Current projects include an art nouveau concert Hall in Monor, addition to a family house, furniture designs, and family house designs in Göd and at the lake of Balaton.