Stephen A. O'Connor

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STEPHEN O’CONNOR is a Washington DC -based publishing executive and former Eastern European publishing entrepreneur. In 1992 he helped launch the uniquely independent English-language weekly Budapest Business Journal, and in 1993 led a management buy-out of the title. In 1994 he moved to Poland, where he was instrumental in the launch of the Warsaw Business Journal, and several other business and consumer titles. In 1995 his group launched The Prague Business Journal in the Czech Republic (now named Czech Business Weekly) and in 2004 he launched the Magyar BBJ (, Hungary's only weekly pro-business, independent Hungarian language newspaper. O'Connor has been a regular participant in business and free-market policy-related events and symposia across Europe, and is now currently working in Washington DC where he is publisher of America’s first and oldest national conservative weekly newspaper, “Human Events”, founded in 1944. He is Group Publisher at Eagle Publishing Inc.,, in charge of all their periodicals. He can be reached at [email protected]