Our Latest News

Our Latest News

By attila|2020-12-14

America First - Can A Domestic 'Study Abroad' Bridge America's Divides?

By attila|2020-10-25

Az 1956-os hősök iránti tisztelet jeleként piros-fehér-zöld színben világították meg október 23-a este a Niagara-vízesést.

By admin|2019-09-02

The Global Forum & Active Media are hosting the 4th annual Global Innovation Start Up Competition (GI$CO) for start-up and scale-up companies and innovative ideas to be presented at the conclusion of the 2019 Global Forum in Angers, France.

By admin|2019-07-05

The American Hungarian Executive Circle recognizes László Hámos, founder and President of the Hungarian Human Rights Foundation (HHRF), who passed away in April 2019. László’s life and work were remember on July 1 at a ceremony held at the Hungarian Parliament, in Budapest.

By admin|2013-04-09

The Hungarian Puli Space initiative, an official contestant of the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP), started to build its presence in the US.